Before using this guide, we recommend:

All settings are clearly explained and understandable.


1. While in the Alarm Mode hold down A until the hour digits start to flash on the display. The hour digits flash on the display because they are selected.

  • At this time the Dai y Alarm Is switched on automatically

2. Press D to change the selection in the following sequence.


3. Press E ncrease the selected digits. Holding down (e) increases the select! at high speed.

  • The format (12-hour and 24-hour) of the alarm time matches the format you si foi norrnai timekeeping.
  • When setting the alarm time using the 12-hour fornnal. take care to set the tim correctly as morning (A) or afternoon (P)

4. After you set the alarm tine, press A to return to the Alarm Mode

  • If you co not operate any button for a few minutes while a selection is flashing, flashing stops and hie waich goes tack to the Alarm Mode automatically.


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