Casio G-Shock G-7900 

From G-Shock, the watch that delivers unmatched toughness, comes a collection of new models that deliver a new level of protection.  These watches are designed and engineered for rough and rugged activities.

Major features include four large bezel screws and protruding surfaces that divide the bezel & case of watch into four sections for a functional four point protection.  The buttons are among some of the largest in the G-Shock line-up for easy operation.  Low-temperature resistance allows operation even under very cold conditions, while moon and tide graphs provide essential information for marine professionals & enthusiasts.  The large LCD, which is divided into sections, makes information easy to locate and read whenever you need.

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Other color variations of Casio G-Shock G-7900 Series (there may be more)

Casio-G-7900A-7JF-3194 Casio-G-7900A-4JF-3194 Casio-G-7900-3JF-3194 Casio-G-7900-2JF-3194