The “Emergency Fire Assistance Corps Collaboration Model,” which embodies G-SHOCK’s desire to support firefighters active in harsh and tough environments.

The base model adopts Master of G, RANGEMAN equipped with a function that supports the activities of firefighters who need accurate time and information at any time and in any situation.
This time, the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Emergency Fire Service, the Kobe City Fire Bureau, which experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, which triggered the establishment of the system, and the Sendai City Fire Department, which experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake, the largest dispatch of troops since its establishment With the full cooperation of the bureau, we have created a special coloring and design.
Based on the G-SHOCK brand color, which is also the base color of fire-fighting clothing adopted by the Sendai City Fire Bureau, the band’s back uses red with a motif of the firefighting vehicle group of the emergency fire brigade team, The yellow color used in the reflective material of fire protection clothing is adopted as the accent color.
The band was engraved with rescue equipment ropes, and the ring was engraved with the emergency fire brigade. In the backlight section, the logo of the emergency fire brigade was imagined for the carabiner used during activities, and on the back cover and package, the fire departments of the Kobe City Fire Bureau and the Sendai City Fire Bureau were designed. It expresses the passion and pride of the members in every detail.
In addition, we pursue functions, operability, and finish assuming the use of specialists who work in harsh environments. Many members use the direct time stamp to easily record the exact time of the radio clock with a single push at the time of operation or emergency.
This tie-up model was born with G-SHOCK and the spirits of firefighters resonating with each other, always demanding toughness and confronting harsh environments.