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[Live Photos] Baby-G and Zipper 2019 C’mon ‘Girl’s! Snap

The theme of Snap 2019 at the time was “90’s”! The unique girls showed off their dresses combined with BABY-G . From dressing up , look for tips for the “now” fashion. BA-130-1A, BLX-570-4, BGA-250-7A3, MSG-W200-2A, BGA-240-1A1, BGD-5000-7D, BA-110-7A1, BGD-560-1, BGD-560-4, MSG-W200G-7A

[Live Photos] G-Shock DW-5600MW-7INSA x INSA Collaboration

Presenting our limited edition DW-5600MW-7ER in collaboration with renowned UK artist INSA. An innovative artist of our generation, our brand values align perfectly with INSA’s. His history with, and affection for, our brand is clear for anyone to see. We are proud to have his iconic ‘high heels fetish’ print…