Coin Battery type: SR927W (Zinc-Silver oxide/Alkaline Electrolyte);

System: Zinc-Silver oxide/Alkaline Electrolyte
Nominal Voltage (V): 1.55
Nominal Capacity (mAh): 60
Nominal Discharge Current (eA): 100
Temperature Ranges (deg. C) min. max.
Operating –10 +60
Weight (g): 0.8
Dimensions (mm):
Diameter 9.5
Height 2.73


Is compatiable with: Casio Watches (including G-Shock, ProTrek, Edifice, Baby-G, Beside, MTP, OutGear and others models). You just need to know its name (such as SR927W on the battery itself)

WARNING ABOUT SR927W / Casio Watch Coin Battery:

  • Forbid short-circuit, charge between”+” and”-“.
  • Forbid over-discharge, fire, damage.
  • Finish sealing less more 5 seconds at 200 C~250 C;
  • Take out the battery when discharging to
    cut-off voltage, and embedding it under the
    ground or jump in the deep water.